Our Story

S&S Sales - they are more than just a whole sale/clearance store. They are also a tool store on wheels! S&S Sales was started by R. Samuel Beacom Sr. and his wife Penelope C. Beacom in 1964. Sam Sr. would sell tools out of his small truck at car shows and swap meets. The first place he sold at was the Hershey Swap meet in Hershey, PA in 1964. A trip to Hershey every October has become a tradition. When the car show/swap meet was started in Carlisle, PA. Sam Sr. received an award pin for being an original vendor participating from year one. Currently, they attend 8 shows at the Carlisle Fairgrounds from April to October. This is the 41st year for the Carlisle swap meets. In 1976, a friend started a swap meet in Butler, PA called the Pittsburgh Parts-a Rama. It is the only swap meet they do that’s close to their business in Frazer Township. As more shows were added to their schedule and the business grew; their trucks and trailer got larger too. In, 1982 Sam Jr. joined the business after graduating from Deer Lakes High School. They built a larger trailer to travel to the car shows. This trailer could haul a lot of product, but the labor to load it and unload it was tiring. Each bin on the trailer had to be unloaded one at a time and then reloaded on to the trailer after the show was done. In 1983 Sam Sr.’s second son; Mark who also went to DLHS, graduated from college, passed the bar, worked for a few years and decided to join the business. The youngest son, Mike, a Deer Lakes class of ‘86 grad went in another direction.” He went to Diesel school to learn how to fix tractor-trailer trucks. Mike opened his own business; Mikes Truck service on Rt. 910 in West Deer Twp. In 1997, Sam Jr. and his dad, Sam Sr. designed a new trailer to make traveling on the road easier and faster to set up and clean up and with a little bit of comfort. The front of the nose of the trailer is equipped with 3 sleeping bunks, kitchen with a stove and full size refrigerator and bathroom with sink, toilet and shower. The back of the trailer houses the tools and products they sell. Each item is stored in a red bin. There are over 900 bins on the tool truck. The bins are placed on a tiered rack system that is built into the trailer. Two sets of automatic doors are located on each side of the trailer and with the flick of a switch the doors open and they are ready for business. The attic of the trailer is used for storage of merchandise. At some of the larger car shows and at the heavy equipment shows they set up a huge tent with horses and ply wood and or 2x4’s to create table space to display more tools for sale. They also sell wheels, tires, bumpers, tonneau covers, running boards, vent shades, bug shields and automotive supplies like a full line of waxes and cleaners. The tool trailer is pulled with a 1993 Mack tractor with a sleeper bunk attached and driven by Sam Jr. It is painted forest green, their logo colors. On the side of the door the name on the truck is “Sam Beacom and Sons”. Near the hood on the top of the fender area are all the names of the seven Beacom grandchildren. Four of the Beacom’s grandchildren work summers, weekends and after school in the family business. Grandson Sam, III travels to all the car shows while on summer break from high school with his dad; Sam Jr. Sam’s twin sister; Katelyn works weekends, after school and when needed at car shows close to home. And older sister Taylor works the car shows in Canfield, OH and Parts-a-Rama, weekends all year and during the summers and on breaks from Slippery Rock University. Mark Jr. works summers. The tool trailer travels and makes about 30 stops each year in cities that include: Allentown, PA, Grey, TN, Moultrie, GA, Kissimmee, FL, Zephyrhills, FL, Canton, OH, Charlotte NC, Louisville, KY, Carlisle, PA, Canfield, OH, Butler, PA, Hershey, PA, Cumberland, MD, Indiana, PA and Columbus, OH. Their season starts in January in Allentown, PA. It’s winter time in PA, but this show is indoors and they take a smaller truck and a box trailer and set up inside for the show. Then, they head SOUTH for several weeks. First stop is in Grey, TN, then on to Moultrie, GA then to Kissimmee, FL to a heavy equipment auction in which they get customers from all over the world. One in particular is from Australia; this customer comes every two years to this auction and buys very large sockets and tools for his construction business. Sam’s wife Lisa and children fly to Florida to help set up the sales area and work the show. When the trailer is finally back in Frazer Township it is totally unloaded, the 900 or more bins each of which contain upwards of 20 or more tools in each, are washed, the tools cleaned and the trailer is overhauled and things are fixed or replace. Selling at a car show and swap meet is kind of like the carnival coming to town. They come in, set up, have fun, pack up and move on to the next town. Beacom’s S & S Sales is located at 120 Route 908 Ext., Tarentum, PA 15084.